Convio non-profit software with best credit card processing

Convio is a preferred vendor for many non-profits using online fundraising. We offer low cost credit card processing solutions fully compatible with Convio, with preferred pricing for non-profit organizations.

Convio software automates the process of accepting donations by enabling nonprofits to create event sign ups and other online donation forms on the fly via a back-end web based administration dashboard. You’ll need a gateway to accept secure payments. The only true independent gateway they support is Verisign. By independent, I mean you can use this gateway with a wide variety of approved payment processing platforms. I’ve been involved in ecommerce for major companies since the 90’s and I strongly endorse Verisign. Even if it costs a bit more the PCI Compliance and fraud protection controls are worth it.

You’ll also need a payment processor. We have different solutions available for you and place you in the best one to suit various pricing, treasury and bookkeeping needs.

Convio does not support integrated Google payments or Paypal at this time.

What are the benefits of using my recommended solution for credit card processing vs one that may be offered by the Convio group?
Wholesale pricing. The same type of pricing plans offered to the biggest companies in the world. Even though your non-profit may be big, not everyone supplier offers this pricing.
Interchange management– The right price plan means nothing if no one is checking to see what interchange levels you hit. This is 90% + of your total costs. It is not atypical to reduce payment processing fees 20% in this area alone.
Chargebacks– How can you avoid them? Reduce fees? This is part of our ongoing standard consultation process.
PCI compliance– We will work with your team on a number of issues related to this. All services offered are always PCI Compliant and forward looking to meet future compliance requirements anticipated.

What’s needed to add an alternative payment processor to Convio?
– Sign a new merchant agreement
– Complete a specifications worksheet. This is really very simple. We need to know the domains where you accept donations online now, and what gateway you are using, along with a few other items.
– We send a worksheet to Convio based on your gateway. They have different requirements depending on the gateway.
– Convio does the change of payment processor.

You continue to manage your donations the same way you do now.
You access merchant statements and over 50 accounting related reports for your credit card transactions via a secure web page.
You access American Express, and Discover* reports the same way you do now.

You receive the benefits of an assigned relationship manager who will work with you to help you manage costs, compliance, fraud and other issues your non-profit is facing. There is no out of pocket cost to you for these services. Non-profits using the expertise offered will save from 5% to 30%, with double digits savings being common.

See our video: Are there lower credit card processing rates for non-profit organizations?

* In July 2009, Discover reporting and fees will be fully integrated into a single statement along with your Visa and MasterCard.

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