credit card processing in the moving and relocation industry

If you could negotiate your credit card processing fees to Zero, how much would you pay a month? Probably a bundle, because over 95% of your fees are non-negotiable. They’re set by the card associations and there’s nothing you can do about it. Right?

Wrong! There are rules within rules about how to qualify for each rate, creating 100’s of rates.  They are fluid and changing, yet merchants have dumb equipment that’s programmed one time to collect just enough information to process a transaction and, if they’re lucky, include basic fraud prevention and commercial card data collection prompts. It’s virtually impossible for a business to control credit card processing costs this way.

The solution is an Intelligent Transaction Engine, allowing each card type to be processed in the least costly manner. It automatically identifies credit vs. debit cards as well as different credit card types, i.e, personal vs commercial cards, and then sends the necessary data to qualify that transaction for the lowest cost possible. It eliminates costly human errors. Since other solutions cannot identify the card-issuing bank to determine what elements are needed to process efficiently, this is truly unique.

Unique benefits for moving and relocation industry:
* How often are your good faith estimates exactly the same as the final bill? When an authorization amount and capture amount are different, it automatically costs more. Our engine resolves this, saving you up to .7% in interchange fee downgrades.

* For commercial accounts, eliminate repetitive steps to charge the same account over and over again. Create billing contracts and enter card data one time only. Add multiple cards and multiple contracts. To charge enter a Token ID, amount, and an invoice number, and the receipt is automatically emailed to your client.

Will this hosted payment processing technology improve your EBITDA?
Does your business accept credit cards over the phone?
Do you get an initial authorization, and then charge later? Is the amount you charge different
than the initial auth?
Do you have accounts that you bill over and over again?
Do you have multiple business units?

If you answered yes or sometimes to any of these questions, the answer is YES. Nearly EVERY business just like yours who saw a demo, also implemented our platform.

3D Merchant Services Moving and Relocation brochure. PDF download 256kb.

merchant services brochure moving and relocation

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  1. we are interested in information on machines that can automatically identify a debit card and asks for their PIN # so a human does not have to do this.

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