merchant account for magento store

What is the best merchant account for your Magento Ecommerce store?

Speedy Displays is using for a gateway and First Payment Systems for credit card processing on the Magento ecommerce platform software. “The set up was simple and there hasn’t been a glitch since day one”, says Marc Sitkin, Operations Manager.

In addition to the reporting available on and in the Magento administration, Speedy Displays also has access to online statements, batch reports, and over 40 other reports, mostly downloadable as CSV files, via Resource Online within the Chase Paymentech web site. Resource Online is a robust set of tools offered to First Payment Systems customers that is largely used by accounting departments for reconcilation, chargeback management and numerous other accounting related items.

“Since Speedy Displays is a business to business company, most of the credit cards presented are business credit cards. Christine at First Payment Systems set us up with wholesale pricing so that we hit the lowest levels of interchange for all card types presented.  Before we were paying over 3% on business credit cards in our online store and now it’s mostly 2.2% interchange plus other fees. With our large average sale per order, it makes a big difference to our bottom line.”

To set up wholesale merchant account pricing for your Magento ecommerce store call Christine at 954-942-0483.

Why Long considered an industry leader they are reliable, have excellent tools, recurring billing, and anti-fraud tools. For the price, there isn’t anything better unless you have very unusual special needs.

Why First Payment Systems? First Payment Systems is a boutique Independent Merchant Service Provider delivering merchant services to mid-size companies. Customers benefit from their dedicated relationship managers who monitor and proactively assist companies in managing their payment processing costs.

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