MasterCard PayPass

MasterCard PayPass is a new contactless way to pay.


  • It’s fast- A simple tap of your card, key fob, or mobile phone is all it takes to pay at checkout.
  • Budget management- keep track of all your purchases including small everyday items
  • Security- never leaves your hand at checkout
  • no double bill- even if you tap 2X it will only charge once
    * Faster than cash: handle more customers in less time.
    * Faster than a card swipe: eliminates the trial and error of customers swiping their own cards or handing their card to sales clerks.
    * Merchant differentiation: customers are more likely to return to merchants that accept PayPass.
    * Customers like to use it: MasterCard PayPass is simple and easy to use, great alternative to cash.
    * Higher tickets: MasterCard PayPass will drive more of your customers to use their cards, and their purchases are not limited to cash on hand.

    3D Merchant Services is actively seeking new locations for PayPass. Special incentives may be available.

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