Manually Imprint Credit Cards to Avoid Fraudulent-Transaction Chargebacks

When do you need to take a manual imprint? Why does a key entered face to face transaction occur? If the magnetic strip is bad or if there is a card reader malfunction you won’t be able to get proper swipe. If you put a card present transaction on a card present merchant account, a signature on a receipt is not enough to protect you from a chargeback if the customer disputes the charge. You have to prove that the card was present with a physical imprint to protect yourself in a fraudulent transaction dispute.

If you are unable to take an imprint with an old fashioned imprint machine with metal plate, then get a pen and paper and pass the pen back and forth until you get the imprint.

A power outage or special off site events are additional reasons why you may need to get a card imprint. We send all merchants a metal plate for manual imprinting, and many ask why they ever would need it. The manual imprint is required for all key entered face to face transactions.

How can technology increase protection from card present fraudulent transactions?
CenPOS smart payment engine has many functions to reduce risk. For example, a standard set up might require the cashier to enter the last 4 digits of the credit card. Fake  credit cards are a major crime problem in the US. Most fake cards have a valid credit card number on the front, but the number won’t match the magnetic strip information on the back. The logic of CenPOS will protect you from this type of attempted credit card fraud.

When a card is declined for a last 4 digits mismatch NEVER attempt to put through the transaction by overrides or any other method. Even if you get the transaction through, you will lose any chargeback fight because there will be a record of the failed attempt with the reason code for mismatch.

This is just one example of many features CenPOS has built in to protect merchants from both internal and external fraud. Contact Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483 for additional information on CenPOS technology and other merchant services.

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