Intuit Quickbooks Merchant Services Review

What are the pros and cons of using Quickbooks merchant services by Intuit? What is the real cost of Quickbooks credit card processing?  Like all solutions, the cost is both hard dollars and time.


The best advantage of using Quickbooks for credit card processing is that invoices are posted as ‘paid’ once you process a card. This convenience is a significant reason for customer retention for small businesses.


  • Eliminates double entry into Intuit QuickBooks
  • Convenience
  • Supports recurring billing
  • Intuit GoPayment for mobile
  • Virtual terminal to charge from computer quickbooks merchant services virtual terminal



  • While support is available, there are a lot of complaints about service. This could also be because a lot of users are small or new businesses possibly prone to more misuderstandings.  The online community is huge and a great resource, however, phone service might be spotty.


  • The Gopayment service requires multiple steps to bring transactions into Quickbooks. To match sales of GoPayment transactions to customer invoices, the cardholder name must match the account name exactly, or it will create a new customer when transactions are imported.
  • Fees are netted out of each sale, making it more difficult to reconcile; Bank deposits are net of all fees.
  • Heavy surcharges for rewards and corporate cards.
  • Limited


The costs below are based on July 2013 published rates for KEY ENTERED transactions. This table shows a mix of card types as 50% debit cards, 10% commercial cards and 40% rewards cards, a typical business breakdown. For business to business, debit is typically 5-25%, with commercial and rewards cards increasing significantly, so the fees would be higher. I did not include PCI compliance. For the example, we’ll assume the fee is a comparable for all merchant account choices.

July-2013 QUICKBOOKS volume subtotal
RATE 2.95% $50,000 $1,475.00
transactions $0.30 500 $150.00
surcharges:commercial card
RATE 1.01% $5,000 $50.50
transactions $0.07 50 $3.50
surcharges: rewards
RATE 1.01% $20,000 $202.00
transactions $0.07 200 $14.00
monthly $12.95
total quickbooks fees $1,907.95
Merchant account & gateway
RATE- avg effective rate 2.50% $50,000 $1,250.00
transactions $0.30 500 $150.00
misc fees, gateway, statement included  $70.00
total all fees $1,470.00
monthly savings $437.95
  • month to month vs possible contract with other service
  • no set up or application fee
  • price source:
  • Note: If the average effective rate for merchant services were 3.0%, the savings drops to $187/mth.


A merchant account with payment gateway can provide many benefits including:

  • Broader array of solutions to improve efficiencies and streamline the payment experience for businesses and customers. Do not underestimate this benefit.
  • Fees paid monthly- this increases cashflow, reduces reconcilation headaches and increases transparency for account management insights
  • Lower costs
  • A relationship manager is standard and can help guide a business to the best solutions, plus provide personal ongoing problem solving support. (Varies by vendor.)

Quickbooks Merchant Services Review Summary

For very small businesses with limited staff, efficiencies are crucial and using the integrated merchant services is probably essential.  Other merchants need to weigh choices and look at the complete picture for customer convenience, cost, security, and efficiency. If charges are over $500,000 annually, even with a negotiated rate, merchants should definitely seek alternative credit card processing solutions.

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