What’s fair in the credit card processing consulting world?

Are all credit card processing salespeople alike? Of course not.

Do all credit card processing salespeople share the same information with their customers and prospective customers? No.

Nearly everyone I consult with will hear information that NO ONE ELSE has shared with them. Information that makes a big difference in their merchant processing costs. So it is fair that the merchant then goes back to their current processor and says, “hey, I just found out all this stuff and you should be giving me a much better deal. I want this, this and this.” And the merchant processor that has been collecting the biggest fees they could for years suddenly says, ” Oh yeah, I reviewed your account and you qualify for that now.” (That last line is usually just something they make up to save face.)

No it’s not fair, but that’s the world of business. If you can get your current vendor to meet your demands, then you don’t have to change, and we all know that CHANGE can be scary.

Case in point, I recently had a call back from someone I consulted with last year. He went through the motions, got a better deal with his current processor, and is calling me again. The question is, why? He wants to save money and he’s not confident his vendor is looking out for him. He didn’t have time to deal with it last year, and yet now he’s going through the entire process again.

The next time you are thinking about doing that to the vendor who brings you the insider secrets, ask yourself these questions.

  • If I hadn’t brought this to their attention, would they ever have given me a better rate on their own?
  • What else aren’t they telling me? What might I miss out on later?
  • Will I really lose my preferred loan and other banking relationship rates if I move my credit card processing?
  • Can they explain things to me in terms I can understand?
  • They’ve agreed to make some price changes, but will they provide account services that include regular reviews and account management to ensure I’m hitting the lowest interchange rates possible?
  • If I stick with the same processor now, am I confident that I will never have to look at this cost center again?

The last two items are the most critical. With our consulting services, you can be confident that you have someone watching out for you, and it will be the last time you’ll ever need to change processors again.

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