Should credit card processing literacy be taught in school?

My daughter recently graduated from high school and we just completed the college preview visit. Although she’s not going into the same field, it got me thinking. Why isn’t there more training for financial professionals and consultants with respect to credit card processing?

Samantha, Christine Speedy

Left to right: Samantha, Christine Speedy

There areĀ  thousands of people providing advice and thousands of people selling solutions and services, yet there is no formal educational system. Isn’t it crazy, considering the billions of dollars in revenues they impact?

There are certification courses for PCI compliance, but what about subjects like interchange, negotiable and non-negotiable credit card processing fees, and interchange management? If you know of a professional education program that teaches these subjects, in-depth, suitable for CFO’s, please share with our readers.

If you need a speaker on these subjects for your symposium, organization, or professional association, please contact Christine Speedy.

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