Heartland Payment Systems alternative

Heartland Payment Systems may be publicly touting that they continue to acquire new customers, but those in payment processing are getting a noticeable increase in calls from merchants wanting to out of Heartland now.

Restaurants and T&E are big industries for Heartland Payment Systems. Most of these also have a POS system. In order to change processors, the new processor typically completes a standard form and gives this to the POS company for the change. The form essentially changes where the transaction will occur. This is a very simple step. However, as the rush to exit Heartland grows, the processing of these changes will put a burden on third party POS providers to get them done.

Some merchants may have concerns about the ‘difficulty’ of changing. As stated above, it’s normally just a couple line items that change the processor. The rest of the programming set up is done at the processor. If an adjustment needs to be made after the initial set up, the processor does not need to get back in line with the POS company.

Most 3rd parthy POS providers charge a fee for the change. To ensure a quick and smooth transition, find a contact with your POS company. They will need you to sign off on the change. Our company will prepare the paperwork to change processors, the POS company will verify with you (faxed document) it’s OK to make the change, and then you get put in their queue for the change over. It’s instant once the POS company makes the software update.

If you’re considering leaving Heartland Payment Systems because of the 2008 data breach fall out, make your decision now rather than later and you’ll have a short wait with your POS provider. Three class action lawsuits have been filed and it could get ugly to get out later.

I’ll match any pricing you have, provided it is reasonable and we can make a profit.

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