Can I block prepaid cards from ecommerce transactions?

Yes, you can block prepaid debit cards from ecommerce, MOTO, and other transactions. Specific technology is required to identify what type of card is being presented. It is not something that can be detected by credit card terminals. The transaction needs to be identified at the gateway before your system actually makes the authorization.

That technology is not currently offered by most gateways, including the popular big name gateways.

Here are some reasons why you would want to block prepaid debit cards:

  • If you offer recurring billing and you ship the merchandise with a small initial payment, you may not be able to collect later or get your product back.
  • If you accept political donations, there is no way to identify the donor.
  • Webmasters can reduce headaches of collecting payment on recurring web host billing.

I offer this prepaid debit card blocking gateway service to customers processing more than 50,000 transactions or $5,000,000 per year.