accept credit cards on your iphone with Payware

3D Merchant Services is now offering PAYware Mobile to accept credit cards on your iphone. A merchant account is required in addition to the iphone, iPhone credit card encryption sleeve, and secure gateway service.

Payware mobile is a bit like existing wireless merchant terminal service. You pay a separate fee for the service and the bill appears on your existing merchant statement. However, this service only works with iphone 3g and 3gs, not Blackberry or other models as of this writing. The iphone app is free.

You can see the encryption sleeve in the image below.
iphone payware mobile
iphone encryption sleeve

Verifone Card Encryption Sleeve

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve is the only mobile product that delivers end-to-end encryption. The moment the card is swiped, data is encrypted and stays that way until the bank receives it. The phone never sees, nor does it store, any sensitive data.

The PAYware Mobile credit card encryption sleeve fits any iPhone 3G or 3GS model. The sleeve’s design is sturdy and compact, built to survive real world abuse.

  • Patented end-to-end encryption
  • Make more “card present” sales and save
  • Fits all iPhone 3G or 3GS models
  • Built-in stylus for signature capture

iphone payware mobile sleeve

After you download the iphone app at the app store, you’ll click the app any time you want to use it. When the little blue light appears ( by the guys lower thumb) you’re ready to swipe. You can pre-set sales tax and then modify as you go along or you can enter as needed. You can also add in a tip amount, or have it calculate automatically. Customers will sign the iphone with the stylus supplied. You can email the receipt. (No printer is included.)
iphone payware mobile images iphone payware transaction datapayware signature capture

HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR PAYMENT PROCESSING COSTS- You’ll pay card present costs. The app supports debit and credit cards. It does not support PIN based debit.

WARRANTY- VeriFone generally provides a limited hardware warranty of 12 months in the United States. The warranty period for each Product is calculated from the date the Product is shipped or the date title to the Product passes to Customer, whichever date is earlier.

REPORTING- In addition to your existing merchant account reports, you’ll also have access to the PAYware mobile gateway reporting system. If you have 1 or many units, all the data appears in one portal for management review in real time.

ESTIMATED PAYWARE OPERATING COSTS-   These are in addition to your cell phone and merchant services fees.

The mobile carder is free with a two year contract while promotions last.   Otherwise it’s $149. The gateway monthly fee is $15 – $30 a month and transaction fees vary as a per transaction fee or a percentage of each transaction. Some gateway providers offer a special “dormant fee” that allows you to keep your account open for a small fee during the months you don’t need it if you have a seasonal business.

Call if you’d like a quote for your company.

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