Visa Introduces Corporate Franchise Servicer as a New Third Party Agent Category

Interestingly, it’s 2013 and yet a 2010 document related to cardholder data breaches affecting franchise locations is a top 5 rated download at The definition of Corporate Franchise Servicer (CFS) , the new Visa third party servicer category, links related to the subject, and commentary are shared below.

Visa determined that data breaches quickly spread among franchises that use a system owned or operated by a corporate franchise organization. Particularly when the franchisor has no role or say in the system used to process, store or transmit payments,  they cannot manage PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) compliance.

As a result Visa created a new third party category. From Visa, “A Corporate Franchise Servicer is defined as a corporate entity or franchisor that provides or controls a centralized or hosted network environment irrespective of whether Visa cardholder data is being stored, transmitted or processed through it.” Further, “If PCI DSS-compliant segmentation exists between these assets and the franchisee cardholder data environment, the corporate franchise may be excluded from this requirement.”

Is Your Data Secure? – Published by Multi-Unit Franchise, Issue 2 2011

Visa Classifies Corporate Franchisors As Third-Party Agents – Storefront Backtalk November 11th, 2010


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