security begins with your vendor

If you’ve looked around on the net for a new processor, you’ve no doubt seen online forms to collect data about your company- the ‘pre- application’. Sometimes it’s clear that’s all it is, sometimes it’s not.

You wouldn’t give your credit card on the net without SSL (evidenced by the https and the little lock in your browser) so why would you give your business information through an unsecure form?

I’m not taking pre-applications online at this time, but you can be sure when I do it will be via a secure form.

Things I do to secure your information, that you probably take for granted:
1. Non-essential Client data is shredded daily
2. Proposals and agreements are sent via encrypted PDF
3. Computer documents are not deleted- they are ‘secure cleaned’ every day.
4. Computer & network firewall and other protection

So many people work from home and on the road these days that you cannot rely on your data being stored at a single endpoint in a secure office.

Do you know how your vendors are handling your data? Does your salesperson work from the office? If not, is your data on a laptop and is it protected?

For your own corporate protection, I recommend Credant Enterprise encryption software solutions.

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