Payment and Merchant Services Sales: Critical Data Security Questions

locked file stored card dataSearching for the best credit card processing rates means sharing merchant statements and other information. If you’ve made the decision to share confidential data, do you automatically trust the person you’re giving it to has data security procedures in place, or do you ask questions? Salespeople in generalĀ  frequently work remotely from home offices, and the payments industry is no different. Sales training may be minimal. I would venture to guess that salesperson security compliance is on par with merchant PCI Compliance: data protection attempts are made, but are often incomplete.

A critical data security question for your sales contact is, “if I send you confidential data, can you explain your digital and paper file disposal policy?”

There’s only one answer for paper. The files must be cross cut shredded.

For electronic files, deleting them via default recycle bin (PC) or trash (Mac) is not enough. The files must be securely trashed. If files were deleted by accident via regular trash, the user needs to use secondary steps to securely erase files.

A salesperson who understands document security is far more likely to be in a position to help your business with other matters ranging from PCI Compliance to the best credit card processing rates.



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