Former Holy Cross employee convicted of identity theft

A Holy Cross Hospital emergency room clerk was convicted for her crimes as part of an identity theft ring. The employee copied patient records which were subsequently used to open credit card accounts. The US Postal inspection Service was alerted after employees noticed debit card mailings with different names being sent to the same address.  Over 525 pieces of mail addressed to a variety of names were found.  See prior article Identity theft at Holy Cross Hospital and securing payments.
Identity theft crime is rampant in South Florida, and this Fort Lauderdale hospital is not alone with data breach risk exposure. A local county hospital completes the intake process for outpatient procedures with semi-private barriers. I.D. is validated and everything done at the desk …except processing the credit card. The employee walks away out of view to swipe the card. Nearby I later learned is a copier. Does this make sense to you?

I contacted the District CFO to inform of the risk and offer a solution. No reply yet. Whether I hear back or not, I sure hope they fix this problem before they have a data breach too.



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