operations risk management for natural disasters

With storms and grid overloads, what have you done to ensure you can accept payments regardless of the weather or localized power outages? With “always on” solutions, you can accept payments from any where. It seems a simple assumption, but many operations are not prepared for a short or long term power outage, even after Katrina, Wilma, and other natural disasters.

What are some of the options for an ongoing operation to accept credit card payments?

Virtual Terminal– enter transactions from wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection. In the B2B world, this can be a critical mechanism to collect payments. What if you are a company that actually responds to help others after a disaster? In the hectic aftermath, record keeping is vital, and so is fast collection of payments for work as you mount overtime hours and material costs. With the right virtual terminal you can authorize an estimated amount for a job, and capture the actual funds when you complete the job. Or auth/capture a deposit, and bill the remaining upon completion.

Swipe credit card terminal– What if you can’t run your swipe terminals because the phone lines are down? Again, a virtual terminal saves the day.
– call in the orders to someone who has internet access for virtual terminal (especially if you want good record keeping of the name, address, etc)
– login to a virtual terminal via a wireless card with a laptop
– if you have network internet access, do you have an ethernet connection on your terminal that you can plugin to?

Do natural disasters increase risk of fraud in the aftermath? With CenPOS payment processing platform, the administrator can remotely view the financial condition of each location in real time, payment processing activities at all locations, and shut down or grant new access to staff. With a laptop and a USB terminal, employees can accept swipe credit card transactions from wherever they are, CenPOS will check key anti-fraud factors, and with an optional signature capture terminal, you can further protect the company from chargebacks.

Chargeback protection– In a disaster aftermath record keeping can be a nightmare, but with CenPOS signature capture, your company can readily retrieve signed receipts for years after the original charge and present to the processor to prevent a chargeback.

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