Rochester NY Lumber Retailer adopts payment technology

Matthews & Fields Lumber Company, established in 1896, selected the CenPOS payment processing platform after an exhaustive search and analysis of technology and credit card processing solutions. Like others in the industy, Matthews & Fields has a large base of customers on account, as well as walk-in traffic. CenPOS solves one of the most fundamental problems with wholesale companies- interchange qualification.

Interchange is the largest component of all merchants credit card processing fees. A common problems for wholesale companies like Matthews & Fields is that phone orders and retail orders have different requirements to qualify for the best interchange rates and the rules are complex. CenPOS technology automatically optimizes every type of transaction for the best qualified rate, including routing transactions with the appropriate RETAIL  or MOTO (card not present) indicator within a single merchant account.

About CenPOS: “Creating efficiencies through payment innovation”
CenPOS is an intelligent payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems. CenPOS offers many benefits to merchants who want to influence credit card processing fees and mitigate risk of internal and external fraud. CenPOS is processor neutral and compatible with most major credit card processing companies.

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  • CenPOS is sold through limited authorized resellers and agents.
  • Keep your existing merchant account.
  • Contact Christine for CenPOS for your business and for reseller opportunities.

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