Top 10 Credit Card Processing Companies revisited 2014

Since the last official list of top 10 credit card processing companies, based on 2004 data, not much has changed with our updated list.

The Ten Largest U.S. Merchant Acquirers in 2012, ranking by processor volume, including partnerships and alliances.

  1. First Data  (includes Wells Fargo)
  2. Chase Paymentech Solutions
  3. Vantiv (Fifth Third Bank)
  4. Elavon (acquired Nova Information Systems)
  5. Global Payments
  6. Total System Services Inc
  7. Heartland Payment Systems
  8. WorldPay
  9. Transfirst
  10. iPayment

2012 Data Source: The Green Sheet. This list includes acquirers and ISO’s, or independent resellers.

The Ten Largest U.S. Merchant Acquirers in 2004, Excluding Partnerships and Alliances, RANKING by DOLLAR VOLUME
1. Chase Merchant Services
2. BA Merchant Services (Bank of America)
3. First Data
4. Paymentech
5. Nova Information Systems
6. Fifth Third Bank
7. Global Payments
8. Wells Fargo
9. First National Merchant Solutions
10. Heartland Payment Systems

2004 data Source: Nilson Report

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