Shift4 Releases Payment Data Security Strategy Podcast to Simplify PCI

Las Vegas, Nevada (December 17, 2008) – Shift4 Corporation, a supplier of secure payment processing services, today announced the availability of a podcast titled, “Trying to Protect Payment Data When You Can’t Even Find It All.”

The objective of the podcast was to generate a meaningful conversation between two leading payment card authorities, David Talyor, founder of the PCI Knowledge Base and former security analyst with Gartner, and J.D. Oder, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Shift4 Corporation.

The podcast discusses Card Information Replacement Technologiessm (CIRT) and how retailers effectively evaluate alternative payment security solutions. “The goal is that if they don’t have it (payment data) then it can’t be stolen. I think the key here is to look at this as a very, very corporate-wide systemic approach and look at all of the data that you’re storing including payment data,” stated in the podcast by J.D. Oder, CTO, Shift4.

The podcast also discusses how an Information Technology department can regain control of their most sensitive data. As David Taylor stated, “The less storage you put in the hands of individual employees, the less likely they are to be able to put data in a whole bunch of places, whether that’s USB sticks or on their PCs or in their email messages that are sitting on their servers. What we really need to do is look at how we reduce the volume of data that is all over the place. Finding and purging it is a necessary thing.”

“Shift4’s podcast produced in partnership with StorefrontBacktalk reflects our commitment to helping merchants learn how they can simplify PCI and achieve Real Security for their payment systems. CIRT, such as Tokenization and Shift4’s PABP compliant 4Go SafeSwipeâ„¢, are complementary to the objectives of the PCI DSS. If implemented properly, these solutions relieve merchants from the burden of storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. In most cases it is not necessary for merchants to replace their legacy systems in order to utilize Shift4’s Technologies. In this economic climate, Real Security and direct cost savings are equally important to our customers,“ said Randy Carr, Vice President of Marketing, Shift4 Corporation.
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Shift4, a leading developer of secure financial transaction processing software and services, provides web-based, real-time enterprise payment solutions for leaders in the hospitality, retail, foodservices, auto rental and e-commerce markets. Through connectivity to most major processors, DOLLARS ON THE NET provides both high speed and low cost authorizations and settlements for credit, debit, check, private label and gift card transactions. DOLLARS ON THE NET also includes the ability to access, review and edit transactions prior to settlement, as well as a searchable, 24-month archive of transactions for reporting and charge back defense. For more information, contact John Mann, Vice President of Sales, (702) 597-2480 ext. 43200 or, or visit
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