Get loads of automotive dealer reviews online- and boost your organic SEO

Who doesn’t research both product and business online before making a big purchase these days? Mentions of your business name, as well as links to your dealer web site, will increase your search rankings, without costing a penny for online ads.¬†Customers tend to write reviews when they are unhappy, more often than when they are happy. To boost your online influence, it’s critical to get more reviews.

Here’s tips to get MORE dealer reviews:

  1. Before the customer leaves, hand over a mobile device that is bookmarked to the review site you want to influence that week. Ask if they’ll write something quick before they leave. Make it easy!
  2. If you provide computers in the lounge, add review sites to the bookmarks menu bar. Put a lucite stand asking them to write a review. Offer a sample text. People are more likely to write a glowing review when you give them ideas.
  3. Get their email address at checkout and send an automated email with link to the desired review site(s) on a specified schedule.
  4. Send a postcard in the mail the next day.
  5. Have service advisors hand over a custom postcard with a request to write a review. If not customized for each advisor, then provide a Stamper (they’re only $10) or labels the service advisor can put on them. Employees are more likely to encourage using them when there is a chance to promote themselves too.
  6. Add a dealer review section on your own web site. Either collect reviews online, or post a feed of reviews from other sites.

Wow them with service!¬† What are you doing to differentiate your dealer from other choices? Here’s a few ways dealers can use technology to improve the customer experience after a sale is made:

  1. SERVICE: Text or email when car is ready for pick-up. Include a way to instantly pay so when the customer arrives they only need to pick up their keys.
  2. SALES: Encourage customers to reserve a car by making a secure deposit from wherever they are.
  3. PARTS:  Make it easy for wholesale accounts to buy parts. This includes offering the ability to view and pay open invoices online, securely storing and managing credit cards on file, and sending a request for payment for an immediate sale.
  4. ALL DEPARTMENTS: Don’t send customers to a cashier line. Waiting opens opportunity for negativity. Enable customers to pay bills in every department.

Is your dealer missing the technology mentioned in this article? Over 1,200 dealers are using our innovative payment technology to improve their customers’ experience. Call Christine Speedy at 954-942-0483 for more information.

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