CenPOS Network New Industry Certifications: T Tech Transactions Technologies and First Data Merchant Services

CenPOS, a fast-growing digital payment processing technology provider, has received certified status with T Tech, First Data Merchant Services and Vantiv. These industry certifications allow CenPOS to provide a robust array of payment solutions the company offers its clients.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 02, 2012

CenPOS, a fast-growing digital payment processing technology provider, has recently received certified status with T Tech and First Data Merchant Services; CenPOS recently received certification from Vantiv. These latest industry certifications place CenPOS in the technological forefront of the ever-changing payment process ecosystem and provide a robust array of payment solutions the company offers its clients.

T Tech Certification
T TECH offers a full suite of electronic check processing, check guarantee and ACH services allowing clients to streamline their processes and maximize their resources. As a result of the T TECH certification, CenPOS that will now be able to support both Check 21 and ACH transactions.

First Data Merchant Services Certification
First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) Certification to allows CenPOS the ability to support additional transactional sets. CenPOS is now able, through this certification to FDMS’ Nashville platform, to complete partial authorizations on prepaid cards, full authorization reversals on both debit and credit, and complete debit returns.

In April 2010, the Card Association mandated that acquirers must process partial authorizations and real- time reversals. Partial authorizations allow consumers with prepaid cards to zero out the balance on their cards. Real-time reversals require that merchants close out any pending authorization within a specific amount of time depending how the transaction was conducted.

About CenPOS
“Creating efficiencies through payment innovation”

Founded in 2009, Miami-based CenPOS is a payment technology provider. CenPOS is committed to providing its customers and partners with innovative solutions for today’s rapidly evolving consumer payment choices.

CenPOS is an intelligent payment-processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems. The network reflects the core values that drive the experienced and innovative CenPOS team: Simplicity, Scalability, Security and a holistic approach to payment processing strategies.

CenPOS provides solutions to a range of organizations including but not limited to retail, card not present merchants, automotive dealers, professional services and academic institutions; special programs are also available for non-profits. Call us: (305) 630-7960, or toll free: (877) 630-7960.


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