goes down creating worldwide merchant problems

Fire Damages Data Center for Authorize.Net

July 3, 2009 —, a payment gateway service provider for over 238,000 businesses was the victim of a major fire in the early morning hours Friday at its location in Seattle resulting in a major disruption for online retailers.

Approximately 11 a.m. central time, set up a twitter account to keep its customers and their customers up to date on the outage and attempt to provide some information about the expected return to service.
The company confirmed that the fire had not only damaged the primary data center, but that a secondary data center seemed to have been impacted during the outage and was causing additional problems in getting the gateway back up. twitter

Many online articles refer to as a credit card processor. They are not. They provide a gateway service that enables merchants to accept online payments. However in 2007, they were acquired by Cybersource, an electronics payments company. So while is not a merchant processor, their parent company is.

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