Highlights of April 2013 Merchant Rules Updates

Below are highlights of a few credit card processing 2013 rules changes applicable to many 3D merchant blog readers. Please note, the information contained herein is limited and does not contain all the applicable details. Refer to the card brand rules for specific details or contact your merchant services provider.

CARDS ISSUED OUTSIDE US: Effective April 19, 2013, American Express increases Fee from 0% to 0.40% for Prepaid Cards. Effective April 1, 2013, MasterCard increased the Acquirer Program Support Fee from 0.55% to a new amount of 0.85%.
DISPUTES: Effective April 20, 2013, Visa will update International Operating Regulations with modified and new compelling evidence rules for the dispute resolution process.
Visa New Representment Right for Compelling Evidence
Related dispute reason codes: 30 – Services Not Provided or Merchandise Not Received; 53 – Not as Described or Defective Merchandise; 81 – Fraud Card Present; 83 – Fraud Card Not Present.

  • For a Mail/Phone Order transaction, a signed order form.
  • For a card-not-present transaction, evidence that the transaction uses data, such as IP address, email address, physical address, and telephone number, that had been used in a previous, undisputed transaction. Evidence that the transaction was completed by a member of the cardholder’s household.
  • For a transaction in which merchandise was delivered to a business address, evidence that the merchandise was delivered and that, at the time of delivery, the cardholder was an employee of the company at that address (e.g. confirmation that the cardholder was listed in the company directory or had an email address with the company’s domain name). A signature is not required as evidence of delivery.
  • For a card-not-present transaction in which the merchandise is picked up at the merchant location, any of the following:Cardholder signature on the pick-up form. Copy of identification presented by the cardholder. Details of identification presented by the cardholder.

Effective October 19, 2013 Change to MasterCard return policy for reason code 60 – Credit Not Processed. If a merchant doesn’t accept buyer’s remorse returns and cancellations, special terms must be disclosed them at the time of the sale. Cardholders must be informed of the Refund Policy prior to completion of the sale at the point of interaction. Failure to disclose will result in the merchant requirement to accept the goods for return and issue a credit to the cardholders account.
Note: Special Terms would include but not be limited to; restocking fees or in-store credits.

Please refer to official documents for further information. Here’s a list of links to card brands.

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