How can payment proessing technology improve the fan experience and financial operations for professional sports teams?

How can payment proessing technology improve the fan experience and finacial operations for professional sports teams? Fans want instant gratification. At the lowest level it’s simply a quick checkout at the stadium food line. At a higher level, it’s handling the larger purchases such as season tickets or paying the suite bill at the end of the night.  For executive management, there is signficant infrastructure at all levels to see data.

With virtually no investment,  teams and sports venues can have more information at their fingertips and improve their fan experience.


  • Accept payments anywhere, any time. Whether you’re in a stadium parking lot, at a restaurant promoting the team, in the stadium isles, or closing out suite services for the evening, it’s all possible. Connect a card reader to an iPhone, iPad, Droid, or computer, and pay no additional fees for mobile payments (above whatever your device plan is). Collect an electronic signature and email the receipt or send it to print to a receipt printer, wireless printer, or network printer.
  • Accept all types of payments- check, credit/debit. Anybody can do this, but can they do it from any location?
  • Lost receipt? No problem. Cashiers can bring up the old transaction with the original credit card holder name and refund it back to the card.
  • Reduce customer service phone time for questions about transaction history.  Find answers to payment questions instantly with 7-year search capability by a wide variety of search fields.
  • Eliminate suite holder payment issues and reduce THEIR TIME spent on making payments.   With secure tokenization of credit/debit/ check information, the Suiteholder can give out the unique token to the host, which is worthless if stolen or lost.  No more reimbursement delays for employees hosting events. No cardholder risk of giving out credit cards or card numbers to remote employees. Minimize bill questions with instant email receipts to the card holder. Plus, multiple cards can be kept on file so that the suiteholder can have different cards for different department charges.
  • When a bill needs to be paid to receive tickets or merchandise, the customer can click on an emal link and pay via check or crecit card.


  • Electronic Bill Payment & Presentment reduces the float time from invoice to collection.
  • Instantly collect on any outstanding amount due without requiring special login.
  • Steer customers to pay via lowest cost methods with rewards, discounts and incentives.


  • Most sports teams have excellent price plans for merchant accounts so they pay very little over interchange. But what system is in place for to improve interchange qualification, which makes up 98% of your costs? Eliminate staff errors, hardware and software limitations from influencing how much you pay on each transaction.
  • HR insights- 24/7 records of employee efficiency with recorded transaction types and times.  Who’s most efficient? Who’s hardly working? Hard data for employee reviews.
  • Mitigate risk of internal and external fraud with merchant defined rules.
  • Reduce risk of chargebacks from disputes with signature capture.
  • Reduce financial report preparation with automated report writer.
  • Automatically distribute reports via email to any personnel.
  • Create a report hierarchy that makes sense for your needs.
  • o   Do you want to view by revenue source? Location?
  • o   View financial reports in real time with dynamic drill down.
  • Real time reports provide instant financial insights.
  • Reduce inefficiencies with 7 years of data available on demand for instant retrieval.
  • Reduce inefficiencies by using a hosted platform- instant updates to reflect legislative changes, card association rules, HR changes.
  • If you use check processing services, there is a more cost effective way to mitigate risk and reduce fees paid by setting up rules to automatically route checks based on associated risk.
  • Where are your fans coming from? Measure marketing results. Geomap shows  you cardholder location for every transaction you enter a zip code.
  • PCI DSS Compliance. Most sports teams have a higher standard to meet to be in compliance, yet like most organizations, staff actions are not always according to the playbook. Minimize errors by providing a solution to secure data by whomever collects it.
  • Comprehensive payment solution for larger sponsors and suiteholders who have multiple payment methods and departments making payments.
  • Reduce the pain of changing suppliers. Minimal effort needed to change banking, processors etc.


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