Payment processing emergency back up for disaster

Hurricane Irene is wreaking havoc for businesses with limited phone and internet capabilities who need to process electronic payments. Our hosted payment technology provides the ultimate disaster relief capability because not only can merchants continue to process transactions, but they’ll have business continuity both before and after the disaster. What’s your back up plan?


Before disaster- Dial up terminal > authorization > print receipt which customers signs and you store for at least 180 days, the amount of time allowed for disputes.

After disaster: The use of limited phone line for customer service can interfere with ability to run operations, plus merchant needs power for printing receipts after authorization. More than likely the merchant manually imprints the card data and batch processes at a later date. This increases risk associated with accepting payments, including potential internal fraud and identity theft.

Before disaster with CenPOS technology- hosted terminal > authorization via internet >  customers sign signature capture terminal,  merchant sends receipt to the USB receipt printer, and CenPOS electronically stores signed receipt for retrieval for 7 years, covering both the amount of time allowed for disputes and any IRS needs.

After disaster with CenPOS technology, there are  multiple options:

  • Attach a card reader to mobile device-ipad, iPhone, Droid. Card is swiped and customer signs on the device; a receipt is emailed automatically.
  • Attach a card reader to laptop with satellite internet, and print 2 copies of receipts to the USB receipt printer; one for internal records and one for the customer. The transaction is electronically stored for retrieval for 7 years.
  • Route calls to a temporary call center where operators take orders over the phone. Receipts are emailed to customers. Key entered transactions are automatically routed to meet card not present requirements, with proprietary technology to mitigate risk associated with card not present transactions, and reduce associated payment processing fees. Because CenPOS is an intelligent solution, even if you need to hire unskilled temporary help, you’ll avoid costly errors and mitigate risk because our solution automatically gathers the required data needed and passes it through to the processor.

In every case above there is no disruption to the merchant, who will use the SAME Virtual Terminal for all transactions both before and after the disaster. This simplifies recovery later because all receipts and transaction records remain in the same virtual location, with the exception of any offline signed receipts.


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