Banks discouraging pin-based debit hurts merchants

Where does all the money go for your credit card processing costs?

We’ve answered this before. Most of it goes to the banks. In a few moments, you’ll read about their blatant promotions to make more money at your expense.

If you process a transaction at the best interchange qualification, they make a little money. If you process a transaction that downgrades to a higher interchange qualification, they make more money. In fact, the worse you qualify, the more money they make.

This is a key reason why banks may not be the best choice for your credit card processing. With their inherent conflict of interest, will your bank help you hit the best interchange? You can influence your interchange qualification. It’s complicated. It’s more than what customers can do, it’s up to professionals like us to not only spot problem areas, but to take the corrective actions to fix the underlying causes- either behind the scenes, through programming changes or by contacting you and providing tips for staff.

Today I received a direct mail piece from a bank. The promotion rewards me for SIGNATURE BASED gold debit mastercard purchases. Pin based debit transactions are ineligible. That’s right. The bank is strongly encouraging consumers not to enter their pin number. They make more money that way.

How can you combat this kind of promotion and encourage pin based debit?
1. Do you have a pin pad? Consumer oriented businesses processing $1M annually, will almost always benefit. Call us for a free analysis.
2. Are you processing $1,000,000+ per MONTH (all card type transactions), please call me regarding new technology that will dramatically lower your debit processing costs.

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