online reporting for merchant accounts

Not all web-based reporting for merchant accounts are alike, though I think most companies are offering some form of it now. Lately I’ve had the opportunity to look inside a few popular company options.

The best I’ve seen is Resource Online from Paymentech, one of the processors we recommend.

Statements- some offer more detailed statements via download than what they send in the mail.
Resource Online statements are the same online as in the mail.

Resource Online Advantages:
Research- you can find transactions by amount, date and other search ideas you may have.
Batch- similar to others offerings, but deeper
History- See trends in qualified/non qualified transactions as well as specific detail to qualification.
Transactions- detailed transactions, not just batches
Download- lots of data can be downloaded in excel for use on your desktop
Help- it’s right there online. There are so many features online, I’ve actually used the help manual with screen shots. It’s not perfect as sometimes the step by step is outdated from what I am seeing, but overall it’s very thorough. Most sites only have so few options this would never be needed.

Reporting is needed primarily for two reasons:
Interchange management= cost management
internal bookkeeping needs- great reporting = higher customer satisfaction, higher productivity

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