number 1 cause for merchant chargebacks

Failure of merchant to respond to a retrieval request is the
single most frequent cause of chargebacks.


  • keep copies of your sales transactions
  • respond to any and all “Media” or Retrieval” requests by sending copies of sales drafts immediately. Card issuers are responsible for initiating copy requests. When requests are not fulfilled within the prescribed time period, they almost always result in a chargeback. A chargeback for not responding to a copy request is non-reversible per Visa/MasterCard regulations.

How do you get your chargebacks?

With some processors you get this information in a fax and you have to respond with the same. With others, you get it electronically and you can manage the entire process electronically. The beauty of this an automation. The system will automatically send a record of the transaction. Then you only need to manually respond to ones the system alerts you to that were ‘unresolved’. Every part of the communication, automatica or manual, is attached to the chargeback record.

Ask your 3D Merchant representative for more details.

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