Is there a way to automatically discount for debit cards?

Yes, merchants using our CenPOS switch technology can automatically create discounts to encourage customers to use their debit card. The subtotal, total, and discount appear on the receipt. Our switch technology empowers the merchant to enter amount to discount, what cards, and even time of day you want to make the offer.

  • Cash or percentage discount?
  • Offer extended based on card type- ie if MasterCard debit, offer 1% discount
  • Schedule days and time of day to make offer. With our real time reporting, you can see when discounting will have the biggest impact and only make the offer during those times.


Do I need to switch credit card processors? No.

Do I need special equipment? In a retail environment, yes. You need an approved terminal connected  to a computer with high speed internet. That could be a simple card reader or a signature capture terminal. For card not present, merchants must use our gateway.


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