How to reduce 75-CH Does Not Recognize Trans chargebacks for business to business

CenPOS merchants use the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment service as a tool to avoid future disputes. EBPP sends electronic invoices via text or email in seconds with no integration required.  For business to business merchants, it’s common for the cardholder to be different from the person purchasing.

Avoid these issues:

  • Buyer wasn’t authorized for the purchase amount
  • Buyer bought something the boss wasn’t aware of or didn’t approve
  • Exposing personal card information to other people so they can make a purchase
  • Losses from fees related to disputes won or lost
  • Unauthorized buyer ships product to a different address

3 Ways CenPOS solves these problems:

  1. Cardholder can choose to store their payment methods directly with the merchant, never exposing their data to internal employees or the merchant employees.
  2. Cardholder can personally manage all payment methods via secure hosted payment site
  3. Cardholder is automatically notified when the card is charged
  4. Cardholder can inspect invoices remotely from anywhere, even if a purchasing agent has been designated to get the invoice.

In addition to the above, CenPOS has robust fraud tools for merchants to manage.

Example with traditional processing: A commercial repair shop employee calls a dealer for a part. He gives the parts manager his bosses credit card info over the phone and then picks up the part.

Example with CenPOS EBPP: A commercial repair shop employee calls a dealer for a part. The parts manager confirms the part is in stock,  selects the invoice template from the secure web page, adds an amount to charge and presses send via email or text message for the boss to pay. The boss opens the message, views the prefilled payment object on  a secure web page, selects his stored payment method, and presses submit.

EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment

Both the seller and buyer save time by eliminating the conversation about card numbers, PCI Compliance issues with recorded phone conversations, or poorly designed fax forms that don’t protect the merchant. Additionally, the payment receipt is delivered electronically to the owner. This e-billing solution is an effective tool to prevent future disputes with greater purchasing transparency.

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