Can you waive my merchant statement fee if I choose electronic?

No, all our processors charge a fee for statements which cannot be waived even if you select electronic statement delivery instead of having them mailed to you. I have two thoughts about this. First, we have to pass through fees and it’s a hard cost that is never waived for us. Second, there is an expense associated with printers, printer maintenance, ink & paper, stuffing envelopes, postage etc. There are also expenses with having an IT team that develops and maintains secure systems for making electronic delivery available. So in both cases, there is a cost to providing an essential service- the timely delivery of your merchant statements.

What if someone else doesn’t charge a statement fee? Can you match that? No. Again, all the processors we work with have a statement fee that can never be waived.

With ever tighter margins in credit card processing, it’s critical to charge for actual costs and work more closely with customers on managing variable costs.

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