CenPOS integration for Ecommerce Templates

“My client is currently using CenPos as their virtual terminal and I honestly have not heard of them before. I am wondering if this can be integrated with the Ecommerce Template without too much trouble.”

 ecommerce templates

The CenPOS API can be integrated with Ecommerce Templates and many other shopping carts.  There are multiple implementation options so the amount of time depends on your specific needs and your skill level. We can provide a payment object that you can apply in 10 minutes. Or you can use our API. Integration can be done in 1-8 hours in most cases, usually less than 4.

The current API can only be obtained from authorized personnel.  Do not attempt to use any file from any other source as there is no guarantee of file reliability, accuracy, or security.

Why haven’t you heard of CenPOS? Quite simply, we’ve been quietly building market-share without any promotion as part of our marketing strategy. CenPOS users now include:

  • 5 of the top 30 Auto Dealers in the US (2010 Wards)
  • 1 of the top 10 cellular providers
  • Clients at 5 of the top 5 US Acquirers

CenPOS has been built from the ground up to be multi-platform and processor agnostic. There has been nothing on this level in the marketplace before for the mid-size business, our core target market.

Key differentiators from the other well known gateways, including authorize.net, Payflow Pro and Orbital:

  • Interchange optimization automatically optimizes for lowest cost to process any credit card type. This is crucial and entirely unique.
  • Payment acceptance flexibility: Payments accepted via retail, ecommerce, MOTO, mobile, web page, EBPP, batch and just about any way you can imagine.
  • Mitigates risk of internal and external fraud with built-in micro management tools and alerts.

So we can focus on our core business of continually developing the worlds most advanced payment processing gateway, we’re actively seeking developers and VARS to create integrations. With our exploding growth, your experience as a CenPOS integrator will help you attract new customers.

Please contact us for the current API, integration questions, or for more information. Please note, we offer both a referral program and an reseller program.


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