2 thoughts on “will you save with volusion merchant account?

  1. Thanks for this article. I’m a potential Volusion customer and I’ve been looking to go with their merchant services. You bring up some good points, however, I’m trying to compare Volusion’s rates with your rates. I can’t find any where on your site where I can find your discount rates and fee schedules? Can you point me in the right direction?



  2. They are not posted because customers get pricing based on their volume, not the same rate for everyone. Most customers are large enough they get wholesale pricing, that is “interchange” plus a merchant discount of “some” basis points. Interchange rate links are found in “pages” link in the upper right blog nav. You can click through to the Visa & MasterCard sites to download the latest rates.
    You won’t see this type of cost breakout with Volusion- prices are ‘bundled’, which is common for small businesses.

    If you have an existing merchant account you can request an analysis http://3dmerchant.com/contact/
    If this is your first merchant account, you can fill in the form as much as possible, including projected sales volume in the comments area, and I’ll email you my recommendation.

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