new Visa credit card processing fees 2009

Visa recently announced several new fees impacting merchant credit card processing costs. Merchants working with us will get these announcements on their statements, in addition to any other contacts, and all costs will be passed through.

Visa Acquires Processing Fee (APF) Visa is rolling out a fee of $0.0195 on all Visa branded authorizations acquired in the US regardless of where the issuer/cardholder is located. This fee will be effective July 1, 2009. This follows a MasterCard Network Access and Brand Usage Fee (NABU) of $.0185 for all U.S. issued transactions settled with MasterCard, announced in April 2009.

Visa Zero Floor Limit Fee – (clearing without authorization) This fee is applied for any clearing transaction submitted that cannot be matched to previously approved or partially-approved authorization transactions. The new fee will be $0.10 and is effective July 1, 2009.

Visa Misuse of Authorization Fee (authorization without clearing). Beginning July, 2009, Visa will apply the announced fee of $0.045 to authorizations that are not followed by a matching clearing transaction (or in the case of a cancelled or timed out authorization, not properly reversed).

International Service Assessment Fee Effective April 4, 2009 Visa implemented the International Service Assessment (ISA) fee of 0.40% (40 basis points) on all international (non U.S. card) transactions processed by a U.S. merchant. This fee is similar to MasterCard’s existing U.S. Cross Border Assessment Fee which is 0.30%.

Editors comments: these fees are not on the general interchange schedule that most people look at, however, the clever naming does not change the fact that these are costs that will be passed on to the merchants. If you have a small average ticket, a couple of pennies could increase your effective rate about .20%. If you have a lot of dollar transactions that are not reversed, such as when setting up a free online trial account, then the $.045 could also become quite costly. Your software program may not have a solution to cancel the authorizations, but hopefully this is being addressed by the major software providers.