MasterCard interchange rates and criteria update April 2012

MasterCard updated their merchant interchange rates and fees portion of their web site. It’s a useful for all merchants. The missing link to all this data however¬† is a clear identification of which transactions are qualified and which ones are not.¬† For example, if a merchant is on Interchange plus pricing, it lists all the interchange rates the merchant paid. But it doesn’t indicate which ones are qualified and which ones downgraded to a higher rate. Some processors provide this information, with a section call ‘non-qualified’ transactions, however, the software frequently shows transactions as non-qualified that truly are the best qualified rate that a merchant can receive.

As a merchant I would want to know which rates are the best possible for a given card type at a glance. Why should a merchant have to hunt through hundreds of pages to figure it out? Interchange is not getting less complicated. Our team offers merchants an automated solution to qualify transactions for the best interchanges rates. Contact us for details.

3D Merchant maintains a list and links of all official interchange rates here.

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