MasterCard April 2007 interchange increases and updates

-Consumer Debit Interchange- no changes
-Commercial Interchange- no changes to rates, but 2 Commercial Card Large Ticket rates added. Additional card types added as well.
-95-cent interchange cap on credit, World Elite, and signature debit card gasoline purchases.
– Core Value interchange rates for the two lowest-volume tiers of face-to-face transactions with required magnetic-stripe data declined. Merit 3-Tier 3 rate, ($750 million minimum credit volume in 2006), will decline 1.8% on a $100 sale, as will the corresponding Enhanced Value rate. The Core Value Merit 3-Base rate for the smallest retailers will decline 3.4%, from 1.64% + $.10 to 1.58% + $.10. The Enhanced Value rate increased from 1.64% + $.10 cents to 1.73% p+ $.10.
– Signature-based debit card interchange – no change

The rate schedule is effective in April, but many of the individual price changes actually don’t take effect until June.
Download the April 2007 MasterCard Interchange table

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