Question on MasterCard rate COML LARGE TICKET 2 FLEET

Q&A with author Christine Speedy. This response is related to an excerpt from yesterdays enewsletter:

Subject: Business to business credit card rate reduction. Sending level 3 data can reduce interchange fees over 1%. Not all processors support level 3, and even if yours does, you may not qualify for them. Validate if you’re getting level 3 on your merchant statement with these examples:

  • NONQUALIFIED: corp data rate 1, corp data rate 2, bus std, EIRF.
  • BEST QUALIFIED: corp prd 3, EVPSCRPDATAR3, Commercial Data Rate 3

If not , it could be your processor, your price plan, your merchant account set up, or the terminal you’re using that is the cause. Contact your representative to find out which. Contact me if you want technology, not people, to manage how transactions qualify.
CenPOS has supported level 3 data for retail and key entered. NEW, CenPOS supports level 3 for customer initiated payments on our hosted pay pages, including electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). Call for help to take advantage of this service (no extra fee).

Customer Question: We have a customer who uses a level III card to pay multiple invoices at once. This charge is always relatively large, and we’ve noticed it’s categorized under the MasterCard section – “COML LARGE TICKET 2 FLEET”. Would you know what this category is, and if it is associated with level III at all?

Answer: Below is screenshot of  page 93 from the MasterCard U.S. and Interregional Interchange Rates and Criteria, effective as of October 2012. (That’s the most recent from  MasterCard.)

mastercard commercial large ticket 2

For the card presented, the interchange fees are the same for both large ticket sales. Large ticket 3 requires $100,000 sale minimum. The sale was between $25,000 an $99,999.99, thus the transaction qualified at the proper category. If the sale was $100,000 or more, then it would not be the lowest qualified interchange category. Since the rate is the same, there is no financial difference, however,  MasterCard could change the rates, so it’s important to always qualify for the right interchange bucket.


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