May bulletin on iPhone app for mobile payments, interchange updates

May brings the usual April interchange update. There are two noticeable bumps for MasterCard. An overall assessment increase to .012% for all transactions over $1000, and up to .04% more for WorldCard. Full article and link to 2011 Interchange Rates and Criteria.

BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS: The typical interchange rate to merchants for corporate cards is 2.2% or 2.4%.  The non-qualified rate is a whopping 3.17% on MasterCard, which can be avoided with proper interchange management. Depending on your business type, you may qualify for large ticket (minimum $1000) rates which can save you up to 1%. To manage these business card fees, check your merchant statement PENDING INTERCHANGE CHARGES to see what rates you’re hitting. If your eyes glaze over at the complexity of interchange fees, merchant discounts etc, read the 3D Merchant Services blogor email a request to be included in our next interchange insights webinar. TIP: With our payment platform you can automatically offer discounts to your customers if they use lower cost debit cards.

MOBILE PAYMENTS: We’ve officially launched our app for iphone, itouch and ipad. This enables you obtain swipe rates from the field, including signature capture or you can key enter. Receipts are emailed to customers. For service companies, you can swipe the card the first time, then re-bill via a secure token for subsequent charges. In both cases you qualify for the lowest rate, plus mitigate risk with the initial swipe. Droid is available for key entry only, with retail swipe coming by June 30.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) COMPLIANCE AND DATA SECURITY: The number of 2010 data breaches exploded in companies with 11 to 100 employees. A key commonality is simply the opportunity was there. Read the full 2011 Data Breach report which includes insider theft so you can identify your own weaknesses and take corrective action. Your company is not PCI Compliant and protected under Safe Harbor unless you can prove you’ve been compliant continually, not just when you completed an annual report. Trust me, all parties will look for ways for you to assume the full burden of costs associated with any data breach.  Every operation I visit or speak to has weaknesses so please put this on your priority list!. Need help? Call and lets discuss.

What’s in your merchant statements?  Multiple locations are now achieving over 90% pin debit penetration using our universal processing platform, CenPOS. Way to go!

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