Interchange Plus Pricing- in 60 seconds learn if you REALLY have wholesale or tiered pricing

Credit card processing is complicated. It doesn’t matter how good your deal is if you don’t have the best base price plan to start with. Your merchant statement has the critical evidence of whether or not you are even in the game, including qualifying for low regulated debit interchange rates (Durbin Amendment, part of Dodd-Frank).

credit card processing pricing

Above image is example of one type of credit card processing rate structures.

This video uses ZOOM so it is not necessary to blow it up.

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About the author: Christine specializes in providing merchants with innovative technology to manage the cost of accepting credit cards, without changing merchant accounts.  With a primary focus on “card not present” payment processing solutions for mid-size companies, including manufacturers and wholesale distributors,  merchants improve PCI Compliance and streamline the payment experience for both their company and their customers. It’s fast, easy to use, and requires no capital investment to implement. For sales call Christine at 954-942-0483 or click here for more information.

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  1. Correction: I have since seen Vantiv merchant statements that do not show the actual interchange rates, and the merchants do have pass through costs. First Data, Paymentech and others look similar to those shown in the video.

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