How can merchants leverage legislative debit fee changes in 2011?

The Fed has opened the comment period for proposed debit fee reductions. There are many facets to this, including impact on card issuing banks, acquirers, merchants and consumers. This article is to address only once aspect- putting your company in a position to take advantage of low debit fees.

Pull out your merchant statement. Do you have a section titled INTERCHANGE FEES?

Below are examples that might appear on this page:

This is an example of a MasterCard swipe debit transaction. The customer signed a receipt and did not enter a pin number.
mastercard debit interchange

This is an example of a Visa debit, card not present, ecommerce transaction for a non-profit.

visa debit interchange non-profit

The items above are listed in INTERCHANGE FEES. The image below appears in FINANCIAL ADVICE. They do not appear in interchange fees chart because these are pin entered debit transactions that went through the debit networks, in this case, Star, Pulse etc.

debit networks fees

Are you on a PASS THROUGH INTERCHANGE price plan that enables you to take advantage of low debit fees like those shown? If you do not see the data above on your merchant statements, the answer is no. To maximize low debit costs now and in the future you need:

  • The right price plan.
  • The right software/ hardware solution to drive transactions to the lowest cost.
  • The right software/ hardware solution to eliminate cashiers, order takers, and gateways from having any impact whatsoever that can increase which debit fees you qualify for.  See related article What is interchange management?

If you’re processing at least $1,000,000 annually, please contact us to discuss solutions to reduce your credit card processing fees. Don’t put this off! Call 3D Merchant now at 954-942-0483. You may even be able to keep your existing processor if you wish to.

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