What is token billing?

Token Billing enables a merchant to store encrypted card data and then charge the card again at a later date. Unlike recurring billing, merchants can charge a VARIABLE AMOUNT to the same credit card. Tokenization is the process of collecting, storing, and rebilling encrypted credit card data. Our PCI Compliant solution enables you to control spiraling credit card fees, reduce fraud risk, and see real time cash flow reports.

B2B companies often need this service. Their customers sign faxed forms authorizing the merchant to bill their card on an ongoing basis. Lawyers, accountants, staffing and service companies with auto fleets are all examples of companies who can benefit.


  • Enter customer profile data one time only, then simply enter the token ID and amount to charge for subsequent transactions. Save TONS of billing time.
  • Unlimited customers – pay only when you charge a customer, plus a minimum monthly fee.
  • Host based solution. No software to download.
  • Always up to date with the latest parameters for interchange qualification (the wholesale cost of credit card processing).
  • Least cost routing will identify the lowest cost method to process a transaction and pass all data needed to qualify for it. This is NOT just providing the standard level II data that 99% of other service providers deliver.
  • Compatible with all major payment processors.
  • PCI Compliant. No credit data is ever stored at your facility.

Certain industries may also be eligible for pinless debit. This enables merchants to qualify for pin-debit interchange rates, even though the customer is not present to enter their pin number. Given the closing gap on the merchant value of pin debit vs signature debit, our solution will route your transaction based on cost and risk factors that you choose.

Read more about token billing.

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