How to upload customers to CenPOS recurring billing module

Converting a database of recurring billing customers to CenPOS is easy with the file upload feature. Upload all your customer, agreement terms, and credit card data at once, and the billing will begin automatically per the terms you input.

Below is FAQ for the customer file upload template to be used if you have existing customers and want to upload them all at once into the recurring billing module. This is also a quick way to upload stored card information and automatically create tokens. The alpha numeric ‘token’ that is created is then used to bill customers in the future. All credit card numbers should be securely shredded or digitally trashed after completing this process, as part of your effort to achieve PCI DSS Compliance.

  1. If my customer have an existing installment agreement, can I put the original start date and end date, even if it is the past? No.  The start date for the contract must be a future date or it will not bill.
  2. My customer has an installment agreement but at the end it automatically renews indefinitely. How do I set that up? For good record keeping, you may prefer to create two agreements. One for the installment, and a second fixed recurring contract with no end date, which would begin at a future date. Alternatively, you could create one recurring agreement with no end date and just add a note of the original contract begin and end date.
  3. Should the import file include all header/columns, whether they have data or not? Yes. Any fields not being used just leave blank and put a comma in its place.
  4. There is no field in the template for company name. Can the optional fields be used for the upload? Currently the company and department fields are not supported in the data file. We are adding that feature and will support it in the future.
  5. Why isn’t there a field for CVV? The CVV is never stored and it does not affect your fees. It’s used as a fraudulent card check and once you’ve verified it, you never need it again. If you want to validate a card, you can perform a card validation, which sends out the card for a zero dollar authorization and validates per the settings you have created on your account.

The recurring billing module supports ACH, debit and credit cards. The file upload supports debit and credit cards. If you have a need to upload ACH, let us know. To get the template,  CONTACT CHRISTINE SPEEDY or your relationship manager.

Image shows the required customer fields in red. The upload file also includes additional fields such as card number, expiration date etc.

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