Tow truck driver mobile payment solutions for credit card processing

Tow truck company credit card processing challenges largely revolved around security, reducing fees,  and using contract drivers. With the right technology, these problems can be alleviated. Do you want make more money? Let everyone move on to the next customer faster by reducing the time to process a transaction.

CHALLENGE: Calling in the credit card information to dispatch. This is the least efficient method for the driver, dispatch, and the customer who’s standing there waiting.(By the way, you may not record the portion of call where payment data is mentioned.)

SOLUTION 1:  Accept payment on the mobile device (iphone, android, iPad, laptop). The most practical solution is a cell phone. Every driver has one. Add an EMV chip reader and a mobile app that segregates the cardholder data from the phone operating system.

CHALLENGE: Drivers are contractors, and company has no control over what equipment they have.


  1. Everyone has a cell phone right? Dispatch can deliver an electronic invoice you create on the fly via text message to the customer. They click and pay. Or they can forward to someone else to pay.
  2. Issue card readers to drivers. You need to reduce risk and have a way to manage the data. With our flexible app, no data is ever stored on any mobile device, and access is remotely managed. Record who processed every transaction, where it was processed (geolocator)  and remotely manage permissions. Real time reports enable you to compare revenue performance by user at a glance.

CHALLENGE: PCI Compliance. (Payment card industry data security standards.) If you’re putting credit card data on paper at dispatch or with drivers on the road, it’s nearly impossible to be PCI Compliant. By extending the ways you accept payments, while also remotely restricting access to payment information, you can reduce PCI scope.

CHALLENGE: Corporate accounts and storing payment data or getting paid for invoices.

SOLUTION: Use our electronic bill payment and presentment solution to send invoices, and automatically remind if they don’t. Click and pay by ACH or credit card. Customers and merchants can securely store and update payment information.

CHALLENGE: High cost of card not present and swiped transaction mix.

SOLUTION: See illustration.

payment switch card not present retail

The illustration shows part of the payment cycle that applies to interchange qualification.

These may sound simple, but the fact is others are not doing this. Our solution unique advantages:

  • Transaction is routed to the MOTO (card not present) account or Retail account depending on whether the magnetic stripe data is received.
  • Automated credit card fee management – we automatically send the right data so you pay less

About CenPOS: “Creating efficiencies through payment innovation”
CenPOS, based in Miami, is an intelligent payment processing network that streamlines the payment experience for businesses and consumers by using state-of-the-art technology to replace inefficient, outdated payment systems. The network reflects the core values that drive the experienced and innovative CenPOS team: Simplicity, Scalability, Security and a holistic approach to payment processing strategies.
CenPOS provides solutions to a range of organizations including but not limited to retail, card not present merchants, automotive dealers, professional services and academic institutions; special programs are also available for non-profits.


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