Sage Business Works vs CenPOS e-invoicing

Do you use Sage Business Works for operational efficiency? You can signficantly improve EBITDA and cashflow with CenPOS Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment. Here’s a workflow for a company that sells mostly wholesale, and 95% checks.

CURRENT PROCESS: Does this sound familiar?

  1. Create invoice
  2. Email invoice as PDF attachment
  3. Admin gets a reminder in 30 days if invoice is not paid to send another invoice
  4. Admin sends an invoice via email
  5. If still unpaid, admin gets another reminder
  6. Admin sends a fax
  7. If still unpaid, admin gets another reminder
  8. Admin mails the invoice

What is your average length of time from first invoice sent to merchant to receiving the check?


  1. Create invoice ( You create in your system)
  2. Send your invoice via API or our ‘printer; We deliver your invoice as PDF attachment AND with a prefilled payment object for customer to click and pay.
  3. Customer automatically gets a reminder on the schedule YOU create,  if invoice is not paid, again with a click and pay
  4. Admin can choose to send invoices via other methods if desired


  • Merchant paid faster because it’s easier to pay
  • Merchant spends less time on billing because it’s automated
  • Merchant spends less time answering billing questions because customers can access their own portal
  • Customer is happier because they can easily access their invoices, history, and update payment methods whenever they want.

What if customer mails a check? You can easily mark the invoice as paid.

Eco-friendly invoicing needs to complete the entire process, not just delivering an email with an invoice.

If you’d like our e-invoicing solution integrated to Sage, CALL ME and let your Sage representative know as well that they can contact me. Set up is quick, easy, and does NOT require an upfront investment. You can even try it free.

Christine Speedy

CenPOS Channel Sales



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