Retail store powered by OpenBravo ERP & CenPOS Launch Part 3

Part 2 of the ClearDrop and 3D Merchant Services “Pop-up store chronicles” announces the launch. On Monday, November 25, the merchant and parties on site decided it was best to take a moment to review operations and train employees instead of going live. On Tuesday, the store opened with about 80 customers in line and over 400 transactions completed that day.

In an interesting set up, the merchant is running OpenBravo with integrated CenPOS on Windows 8 tablets. The twist is that CenPOS is driving Equinox L5300 signature capture terminals instead of mobile card readers. The bump of the day was the cycle time for the call out to the payment application after a last minute change to Safari, which was not caching and thus required a load every time. By day two, this issue was eliminated with a switch back to another browser.

With the holidays and the grand opening of a new business on Black Friday, also using CenPOS with Mobile tablets running Windows 8 and driving L5200’s, I haven’t had time to update this story and provide a recap. I apologize and will have to get back to this later this month.

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