Retail store powered by OpenBravo ERP & CenPOS Implementation

Part 2 of the ClearDrop and 3D Merchant Services “Pop-up store chronicles”
explores the API integration and pairing the existing Chase Paymentech merchant account with CenPOS cloud payment technology. How fast can ERP’s integrate the CenPOS universal enterprise payment solution? Follow this story as Christine Speedy, chronicles the process.

Story Recap: On November 19, 2013  the merchant, to be named at launch, engaged Christine Speedy of 3D Merchant Services / CenPOS for the enterprise payment solution, and ClearDrop, an OpenBravo ERP Gold Partner, for the cloud agile ERP, including cloud POS solution. The merchant desires to go live by Black Friday.

New Merchant Retail Configuration: OpenBravo cloud 3.0 agile ERP, CenPOS cloud payment gateway, Lenovo ThinkPads with Windows 8, Equinox / Hypercom L5300 signature capture terminals, receipt printer TBD.

November 20, 2013 Project begins, Day 1:

INTEGRATION: 12:15 ET ClearDrop & CenPOS teams meet via Webex to discuss the CenPOS payment API integration. With multiple integration choices available, for expediency, a decision was made to initially use an iframe with Flash version of the payment object. The Flash version will be changed to HTML 5, with little effort later, by changing the URL end point. Another point of discussion was bringing the signature from CenPOS to the ERP, creating an action item to contact merchant and confirm desired outcome for receipt printing.

ClearDrop went into production mode immediately following the call, posing a few questions during the day which were quickly responded to. ClearDrop identified a potential concern that made the pop-up payment box less graphically pleasing than desired, determined it to be browser related and quickly resolved.

End of day action items:  CenPOS to deliver sample code of iframe response. ClearDrop to check with merchant regarding receipt printing.

MERCHANT ACCOUNT:  To accept payments utilizing CenPOS, a universal enterprise payment platform,  the merchant needs a “terminal ID” or “TID”. The TID has information about the merchant needed to process and route transactions.

The merchant has an existing Chase Paymentech merchant account. The merchant contacted Paymentech and was told he could neither use the Equinox L5200 or L5300 terminals we had discussed, nor create a TID for CenPOS. With the merchant consent on record, I called and spoke to a very helpful person. I informed her CenPOS technology was driving the terminals, so the model should be irrelevant. Nevertheless, we spun our wheels for a bit, but then we figured out the right lingo to communicate!

Lesson learned: Paymentech merchants wanting to use CenPOS, call Paymentech merchant services support and ask for a TID VAR SETUP sheet for Cenpos 3.0.1 (or latest version) with Terminal Capture.

  • Specify to turn on pin debit, if applicable.
  • Request the pin debit key, if applicable. This is needed if retail equipment isn’t purchased from Paymentech, and if the merchant accepts pin debit transactions. Merchants give the pin debit key to the equipment provider that is doing the encryption injection. (Note: this is a secure item and should only be communicated directly with the facility performing the key encryption injection.)

The VAR setup sheet was delivered to the merchant via email same day, but pin debit was not turned on, nor did customer receive their key, so at the end of the day, another request was made by the merchant.

Cleardrop is a gold partner with Openbravo, the world’s most downloaded open source software ( >300,000 ). More than 6,000 organizations of all sizes worldwide have used it to achieve their goals. Cleardrop provides agile and future-proof solutions to entrepreneurs and business leaders trying to fast-forward their companies.

3D Merchant Services is the marketing entity of Christine Speedy, authorized CenPOS Reseller. CenPOS is a merchant-centric, end-to-end payments engine that drives enterprise-class solutions for businesses, saving them time and money, while improving their customer engagement. Our secure, cloud-based solution optimizes acceptance for all payment types across multiple channels without disrupting the merchant’s banking relationships.

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