Mobile Payments App for iPhone, iPad and Droid

New Mobile app facilitates payments anywhere, any time, and includes integrated reporting.

Fort Lauderdale, FL — 3D Merchant Services announces the launch of a new Mobile Payments app using PCI Certified CenPOS technology. Targeting mid-size businesses seeking solutions to expand payment acceptance for outside sales and at events, the technology is an expanded use of the payment processing solution for credit, debit, EBT, EBPP, loyalty card and ACH in retail and online applications.

Available immediately for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Droid, this next phase of CenPOS’ growing suite of payment processing capabilities uses proven strong data encryption technologies to protect card data during processing. To mitigate risk, the full power of CenPOS user and processing thresholds management is available.

“Most players entering the mobile payments market are using a standalone solution,” said Christine Speedy, CEO of 3D Merchant Services. “This payment processing technology uses the same platform technology merchants may already be using in other operations, including brick and mortar storefronts, online payments , and EBPP.  It’s truly integrated with all other merchant operations, enabling robust reporting and simpler reconciliation for the mid-size business.”

Users download an app, and can key enter or use compatible card swipe readers for transactions. As with all merchant operations using the platform, user access to the application, user functional permissions, and user fraud tools can be managed remotely. For example, a user may be given permission to process sales, but not refunds. When an employee is terminated, access can be terminated immediately.

“With CenPOS Mobile, we’re bringing state-of-the-art payment technology to merchants who want to integrate mobile payments with their existing credit card processing vendors,” continued Christine Speedy. “This is the only solution on the market that also enables merchants to benefit from least cost routing and interchange optimization. With our  intelligent hosted payment processing platform, we remove salepersons and cashiers from taking actions that can negatively effect the cost of credit card processing.”

The mobile application is free to all CenPOS users and standard use rates apply. Usage pricing is based upon a formula relative to business dollar volume and or transaction volume.

ABOUT 3D MERCHANT SERVICES: Payment processing technology and service solutions for the mid-market. We specialize in automotive, card not present, and not-profit industries.

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