Maximize business sale value by minimizing disruption

CenPOS minimizes disruption for businesses in transition. When you sell your business, the acquirer will open a new bank account, new merchant account, and new check processing account among other tasks. This creates major disruption for business continuity. But there is a way to avoid this if you are a CenPOS user.

CenPOS is a universal payment processing platform, enabling you to accept payments from multiple sources and connect to various processors. Part of business valuation is the ability to maintain continuity after the sale. CenPOS provides an infrastructure for payment acceptance that includes sales records, employee performance, channel performance, reconcilation, interchange optimization and risk mitigation. Automating processes is key for continuity and CenPOS delivers.

Here’s how easy it is:

  • If the seller agrees, the acquirer will enter into a new CenPOS agreement that provides the acquirer access to the existing CenPOS account and all it’s history, providing invaluable business insights for sales, HR, and marketing, as well as no disruption in daily sales procedures.  Up to 7 years CenPOS merchant data is available on demand.
  • If the seller agrees to the above, changing processors is as simple as updating account numbers in the CenPOS merchant administrator.  All operations continue as usual.
  • Note, if in a retail environment, when the acquirer changes credit card processors, all pin debit equipment must be injected with the new processor encryption key.

cenpos diagram of payment flow- minimizes disruption for merchants in transition

Become a CenPOS customer today, and you may improve your business valuation at a later date.

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