CenPOS integrated payment processing for Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)

By pairing Microsoft’s Open Source Point of Sale Software with CenPOS transaction technology, merchants can lower payment processing costs and have long term flexibility for payment processor choices. The CenPOS PCI Compliant technology solution operates as a transaction switch, a payment gateway, and a treasury management system.

A key benefit of the CenPOS technology for merchants is Least Cost Routing, which processes any transaction at the lowest cost possible for the type of payment presented. For example, in a B2B credit card transaction, certain data has to be passed and criteria met to qualify for the lowest interchange rate. CenPOS logic will identify what information is needed, prompt the cashier or consumer as appropriate and pass that data to the merchant processor. Additionally, cashiers no longer need to be trained to ask ňúdebit or credit?” since the system will determine whether the transaction is cheaper to run through at debit or credit rates, and automatically prompt for the next step in seconds.

Ecommerce stores will benefit from the same Least Cost Routing technology. Not all gateways pass on the data needed to qualify for the lowest interchange rates, even if the information is collected in the checkout form, and not all merchant processors can accept the data from every shopping cart on the market. Merchants are frequently unaware of this problem because either their merchant statements don’t show their interchange qualifications or they don’t know why they hit different interchange rates even if they are on the statement. The consulting team at 3D Merchant Services provides ongoing consulting to help merchants continuously improve their interchange qualification.

CenPOS is certified with most major merchant processors eliminating this costly merchant problem. New RMS users can purchase a preloaded CenPOS ready System through strategic partners. Existing RMS 2.0 and above users can code to the CenPOS API or CenPOS can be coded to the merchants API for a fee.

About Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) – offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point of sale (POS) solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements. Scalable from one to many stores.

ABOUT CenPOS: CenPOS offers a comprehensive suite of PCI Compliant payment solutions from credit card processing to business management capabilities, for mid-size businesses. www.cenpos.com

ABOUT 3D Merchant Services:
3D merchant blog 954-942-0483.
3D Merchant Services is the online brand created by First Payment Systems and CenPOS authorized reseller Christine Speedy to communicate a wide array of payment processing information to merchants and to develop business leads.

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