law firm web design companies wanted to add payment solutions

Law firm web design and legal marketing companies wanted to offer CenPOS payment processing platform to their client portfolio’s. Empower attorneys to accept secure online payments. Your web design firm will obtain the merchant SSL certificate, install it on the server, and add the html for our payment object. The law firm will then be able to accept payments on their web site for outstanding invoices. Additionally, attorneys can accept payments via a single portal via mobile, over the phone or with our EBPP solution, all with a single web portal to view and manage payments and reconciliation.
Benefit to your firm:

  • Additional billable hours
  • Unique services increase client retention
Benefit to attorneys:
  • Reduce collections
  • Improve EBITDA
  • Increase efficiencies- automate
The Payment object:
law firm web payments
About the payment form: The payment form is created via our paypage admin panel. No html programming is required.
  • The look and feel are not customizable at this time, however, as html5 standards are established, we’ll offer that in the future.
  • The 3rd column all fields are optional. The merchant can turn on or off and can change the field labels.
  • Required fields are determined by the account administrator. You may have different ones than above. This can be changed in admin and the form is automatically updated in real time. Webmaster assistance is not required.
  • “office location” in the example above- the field name and drop down options can be modified. In this example, the drop down has different offices, each with their own merchant account. Our system will automatically send payment data to the appropriate merchant account.
  • Whatever forms of payments are accepted by the merchant appear graphically in the lower left automatically, including ACH/echeck.
  • All data is captured into a database that can be exported into accounting programs.
  • The payment object has it’s own embedded SSL, however merchants should have an SSL for their domain that is accepting payments so the lock will appear on customer browsers.

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